Leadership Team

Mr. Michael Jovicic

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jovicic is an experienced Director with more than 25 years’ experience in distribution, logistics, transport, shipping, infrastructure and container management sectors throughout the Asia Pacific region. Mr. Jovicic’s early career allowed him to establish a foundational understanding of the logistics and supply chain sector through developing and executing investment strategy and business plans for new and existing joint ventures.


In 2011, Mr. Jovicic succeeded as the Commercial Director of Qube, an associated entity of Patrick Terminals. During his time in this role, he focused on all aspects of business development and strategic acquisitions. Since the Qube/Brookfield consortium acquisition of Patrick Terminals in 2016, Mr. Jovicic was appointed CEO of Patrick Terminals. In this role he has an unprecedented managerial approach to all aspects of Patrick Terminals; people, operations, clients, health/safety and profitability. Mr Jovicic’s experience in strategic development makes him an invaluable leader of the Patrick Terminals business.

Mr. Nick Rowley

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Rowley has over 15 years’ experience in a range of senior accounting and finance roles. Mr. Rowley joined Patrick Terminals in January 2019 as the Chief Financial Officer. He was previously Vice President (Finance) for Brookfield’s Infrastructure businesses in the Asia Pacific where he was involved in the acquisition and separation of Patrick from Asciano and the reporting of Patrick’s operating and financial performance to the Brookfield consortium.


Mr. Rowley is a Chartered Accountant through the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, he is also a graduate of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr. Adrian Sandrin

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Sandrin is an IT expert with over 35 years’ management experience in the logistics and supply chain industry. 24 years of his career has been dedicated to Patrick Terminals and its associated entities, with a current position as the Patrick Terminals Chief Information Officer. Mr. Sandrin has a multifaceted background in extended supply chain, automation, ports and logistics systems.


He has an in-depth working knowledge of the underlying technologies that support these systems and their capabilities. Strategic drivers for Mr. Sandrin involve delivering innovative information systems and processes that improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase overall performance.

Mr. Steve Cox

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Cox is an accomplished senior manager with a proven ability to lead large-scale Maritime Operations for Patrick Terminals as the General Manager of Operations. Mr. Cox has over 20 years’ experience in the Maritime Operations Industry and is a graduate of the Australian Maritime College. Mr. Cox is an extremely knowledgeable member of the Port Community, which has been imperative to the success of Patrick Terminals.


Key activities undertaken by Mr. Cox include allocating and forecasting appropriate labour and equipment resources, while maintaining a coastal berthing window that is aligned with client contractual requirements. He also coordinates planned maintenance on quay cranes as well as other heavy machinery. As part of Mr. Cox’s role, he is also responsible for providing contingency plans to customers.

Ms. Maria Zoras-Christo

General Manager HR, IR & Safety

Ms. Zoras-Christo is an experienced leader in a broad spectrum of legal areas including Industrial Relations, Projects, Property and Development, General Commercial and Insurance, as well as Employment and Litigation. Ms. Zoras-Christo is a law, economics and human resources graduate of The University of Sydney, and holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration from The University of New South Wales.


During her time with Patrick Terminals and its associated entities, Ms. Zoras-Christo has provided pragmatic and timely legal support to enable the effective execution of large-scale projects such as the Port Botany Redevelopment Project. Ms. Zoras-Christo enhances and protects Patrick Terminals legal rights to ensure the implementation of corporate strategies.

Ms. Victoria Moore

General Counsel and Company Secretary

Ms. Moore is an accomplished legal practitioner with both domestic and international experience in renowned legal firms around the world. As General Counsel and Company Secretary, Ms. Moore is responsible for Patrick Terminals’ legal, regulatory, governance and commercial matters. Ms. Moore works closely with each of the Patrick Terminals Executive Officers and their departments to appropriately advise and lead the company in a profitable and ethical strategic direction.

Mr. Adam O’Keeffe

Key Client Manager

Mr. O’Keeffe’s has advanced through various management and leadership roles at Patrick Terminals where he was responsible for developing and implementing customer-centric strategies. Mr. O’Keeffe is a graduate of Victoria University and since becoming a Key Client Manager at Patrick Terminal’s in 2016, Mr. O’Keeffe reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Jovicic.

Mr. O’Keeffe is the primary commercial owner and contact for Patrick Terminal’s global shipping line customers. He is accountable for securing new business, growing existing business, maximising revenue including negotiation and contract execution as well as key client management. Mr. O’Keeffe works directly with the executive team to develop and execute commercial strategies including leading product and service innovation.

Mr. Matthew Kidman

Key Client Manager

Mr. Kidman is an accomplished commercial leader with international experience in managing and developing commercial relationships with key customers and stakeholders. Mr. Kidman is a graduate of Lincoln University in New Zealand. Since joining Patrick Terminals in 2015, Mr. Kidman has been responsible for developing and implementing commercial strategy accross a range of services including container terminals, stevedoring, transport, automotive and logistics services. Since progressing to Key Client Manager in 2016, he reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Jovicic.


Mr. Kidman is responsible for capitalising on new business opportunities, growing existing business, maximising revenue and product development. An integral part of Mr. Kidman’s role is to negotiate and execute contracts with global shipping lines across four key container terminals in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle.

Rita Antranik

National Intermodal Manager

Ms. Antranik is a highly experienced terminal and operational manager. Prior to her appointment to her current position as National Intermodal Manager, Ms Antranik was the Fremantle Terminal Manager at Patrick Terminals. Ms. Antranik has invaluable operational and commercial experience through her time in various management roles with Qube and Smit Lamalco. Her senior appointments with Qube Ports and Bulk included Operations Manager at Port Kembla, National PCC and RoRo Manager and various Shift Management. Ms. Antranik’s tenacity and willpower is an attribute to her success. Ms. Antranik was the first female to be appointed to the position of Terminal Manager in Australia.

Terminal Managers

Matthew Hollamby

Terminal Manager - Brisbane AutoStrad

Mr. Hollamby is an experienced logistician with over 30 years’ experience in industrial, operational and general management roles within Patrick and its associated organisations. He has held the position of Manager of the Patrick Brisbane Autostrad Terminal since 1997.


Mr. Hollamby was instrumental in the commissioning and progressive expansion of the Patrick Brisbane Autostrad Terminal, the first automated marine container terminal in Australia and the first in the world to use automated straddle carrier technology. Prior to joining Patrick, he worked as an industrial advocate for the national employers’ association representing shipping and stevedoring companies on the Australian waterfront. Mr. Hollamby completed a double degree in Jurisprudence and Law through the University of New South Wales in 1986 and has obtained subsequent tertiary qualifications in commerce and the humanities, including a Master of Business in Logistics Management.

Bruce Guy

Terminal Manager - Sydney AutoStrad

Mr. Guy is an accomplished Terminal Manager with over 24 years’ experience in leading operational teams both in the military and supply chain industry. Mr. Guy transitioned into the stevedoring industry in 2001, engaging in operational leadership roles across five container terminals in Australia.

Mr. Guys’ engineering background with the Australian Army and innate ability to lead and manage teams has equipped him with the expertise to manage the Sydney AutoStrad Terminal. Mr Guy’s role at Port Botany is fundamental to maintaining efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction at Sydney AutoStrad Terminal. Mr Guy holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration through University of New South Wales’ AGSM, and Diploma’s in Container Terminal Management and Operational Management (Stevedoring).

Chris Brewster

Terminal Manager - Melbourne

Mr. Brewster has over 15 years’ experience in the manufacturing, transport, logistics and container terminal industries with a strong background in continuous improvement methodologies. During his time with Patrick Terminals, Mr. Brewster has implemented numerous improved procedures and processes and managed operations before moving into the Terminal Manager role.

Mr. Brewster’ role as Terminal Manager is fundamental to Patrick Terminals performance and strategic relationships with suppliers, customers, transportation companies and its employees. Mr. Brewster holds a Masters Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Computer Science.

Peter Chesi

Terminal Manager - Fremantle

Mr. Chesi has over 20 years’ experience in stevedoring and operations management with Patrick Terminals. Mr. Chesi commenced his career as a casual stevedore in 2000 with Patrick Terminals and has since worked in numerous roles across the Patrick Terminals’ Fremantle operations including stevedoring, practical operations, team leader, shift management and operations management. Mr. Chesi was appointed Operations Manager – Fremantle Terminal in 2015 and was promoted to the role of Terminal Manager in February 2021.

Mr. Chesi’s role as Terminal Manager – Fremantle is focused on working to meet the needs of clients, employees and all stakeholders in a fast-paced and dynamic operation.