Patrick Terminals – Sydney AutoRail

The Patrick Sydney AutoRail Terminal is a phased development of a state of the art fully automated rail terminal that increases rail capacity at Patrick Terminals – Sydney AutoStrad from 250,000 TEU to over 1 million TEU per annum when fully operational. Phase 1 is now operational incorporating a 300 metre automated rail terminal with three automated rail gantry cranes (ARMG’s). Phase 2 will increase the rail siding length to 600 metres and is now under construction and scheduled for completion in 2023.

The new rail expansion project will improve rail turnaround times, whilst also providing increased rail services and windows. 1 million TEU on rail reduces truck movements around the port by 900 per day which equates to an estimated decrease in CO2 emissions of approximately 5,400 tonnes per annum with the use of rail versus trucks.

The new rail terminal provides direct access for importers and exporters to global markets and supports the intermodal network of Sydney and regional New South Wales.

Key Capabilities

  •  600,000 TEU pa on rail
  • Full automated rail terminal improving efficiency
  • State of the art safety systems
  • Direct access to quay line through automated rail terminal connected to AutoStrad yard
  • Fully connected to the Greater Sydney and regional rail networks

See Customer Information Sheet for further information about accessing the Sydney AutoRail

Customer Information

Details of applicable Public Terminal Public Tariffs can be accessed here