The WILpower Management Cadetship Recruitment Process

The WILpower recruitment process consists of 6 stages. The process will give you a greater understanding of the work we undertake, our operational structure and the culture that defines who we are.

Importantly, this recruitment process provides Patrick with an opportunity to assess how you fit into the business and provides you with an opportunity to evaluate whether Patrick is the right fit for you.

Here’s what you can expect:

Stage 1 – Application

The application process and questions may seem quite lengthy, however they are important tools for us to understand you as a candidate. The application includes multiple short answer questions. You may wish to prepare your answers in advance for the following questions:

  • Please explain why you feel you are a strong candidate for this management cadetship
  • What do you believe is the biggest challenge you will face while undertaking the cadetship?

From here we will shortlist the candidate applications against specific criteria to determine which applicants are best suited to the role.

Stage 2 – Video Screening

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate in a video interview through Sonru (our video interviewing platform). This interview will take around 15 minutes and involves a series of motivational and behavioural questions. This is not a live interview, it can be completed at a time and place convenient for you.

You will be asked to answer a series of pre-recorded interview questions. Each question will appear in written format on your screen. Within Sonru, you will be given an opportunity to complete a practice question as many times as needed. This will give you an opportunity to get comfortable with the format and ensure your camera and connection are both working properly.

In the interview you will have a set time to read and answer each question. Further information about the process will be provided in the email invitation for this step. Our recruiters will view each video response and shortlist successful candidates to attend the information evenings.

Stage 3 – Information Evening

Prior to the assessment centre, shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an information evening at the location you have applied for. This night will be attended by some of our previous cadets, alongside members of the Terminal Management team who will be able to provide you with information about the program and business while answering any questions you may have. This night is designed to give you a good opportunity to understand your prospective work environment, gain an insight into operations at the ground level, and ultimately determine whether this is the right career path for you.

Stage 4 – Assessment Centre Stage

Selected candidates who attended the information night will receive an email invite to attend a half-day assessment centre with other applicants. Here you will meet with members of the recruitment team, as well as members of the Terminal Management team.

This stage may include the following activities:

Business overview: You will receive a formal presentation on Patrick and our business which will provide you with an insight into our company’s working life, as well as more information on the WILpower Management Cadetship.

Introduction: You will be given 2 minutes to introduce yourself to the group and explain why you are interested in working with Patrick as a WILpower Cadet.

Group Activities: You will be required to undertake group activities to assess your suitability for the cadetship program.

Role Play Task: You will participate in an individual role play task based on a real life scenario that you may encounter in one of your rotations.

Behavioural interview: A formal behaviour-based interview with two Patrick employees.

Stage 5 – Follow up Interviews

Following the assessment centre stage, successful candidates will be invited back for a final follow up interview with site management. This will be an informal discussion to get a better understanding of you on a personal level and understand how you would fit into the Patrick team.


Stage 6 – Pre-employment and Reference Checks

The successful candidates will be required to complete pre-employment checks, which include police checks, medical tests, and two reference checks. Candidates will be required to provide proof of their rights to work in Australia, and will need to present an Australian Passport, or Australian Birth Certificate and Photo ID.